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Have you been in a Car Accident? in Pain?
Hip Extensions
Strengthen your hip muscles with hip extensions! In this weeks...
Stretching for Sciatic Nerve Pain
The #sciaticnerve is the longest nerve in your body. Unfortunately,...
What Happens at Physical Therapy
What happens at #physicaltherapy?” Ask Sterling reveals what you can...
4 Excercises for Ankles
Strengthening your #ankles can help reduce joint pain and increase...
How Do I Get Started?
I think I need #physicaltherapy; how do I get started?”...
Shoulder Exercises
Suffering from a shoulder injury? In this week's #everydaytherapy, Alain...
PT Manual Therapy vs. Massage
What is the difference between receiving manual therapy in a...
The Use of Heat and Ice for Pain
What is the correct way to use ice or heat...
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