What is Telehealth PT?

Telehealth Physical Therapy is way of providing physical therapy services using modern technology, thus allowing you to receive care anywhere, instead of just in a clinic. We utilize video conferencing through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You will work one on one with a licensed Physical Therapist in real time and you will receive immediate feedback. In these times, Telehealth is a vital option to ensure your safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Is Telehealth PT right for me?


  • Privacy — It is more private for the client. No busy waiting rooms or clinics filled with people.
  • COVID19 Safe —The safest way to avoid exposure to a Pandemic is to stay at home. You can do this with telemedicine.
  • Convenience — Seeing a therapist from home alleviates the stress of travel, especially for patients with chronic conditions who need to make frequent visits.
  • Face-to-face uninterrupted interaction with your therapist — Telemedicine actually offers more face-to-face interaction than when in the clinic. During a video visit, the therapist focuses solely on you, the patient, and isn’t distracted by other issues and concerns that may be popping up in the office.
  • Reduced cost — In many cases, the copay is waived or reduced for telemedicine visits.
  • Easy to use – Most patients can conduct the telemedicine call over their smart phone or home computer. No set up or application is needed. Simply click on the link and add your name.

Are there any drawbacks to Telehealth PT?


  • Limited access to Equipment — In a video call, patients will not have access to the clinical grade equipment that are typically available in PT clinics.
  • No Manual Therapy/hands-on treatment — Patients will not have access hand on therapy treatments, such as soft tissue mobilization, manipulation, and stretching.
  • Potential Technical difficulties — To use telemedicine, you will need some knowledge of technology; you will need Internet access, and a smart phone/tablet/computer.

4 Easy Steps to Access your Telehealth Visit:

  • Click on link that will be emailed to you prior to your appointment
  • Enter Your Name in “Screen Name” and Click “Join”.
  • Follow the test prompts for Audio and Video.
  • Stand by in our Virtual waiting room until your appointment begins.

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