Free Stretch Therapy Session

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SPTW is now offering facilitated stretch Therapy! Stretching is one the best ways to alleviate muscle tightness, postural tension, and pain.

Assisted stretching can help improve overall daily function by improving flexibility, reduce risk of injuries, manage pain and discomfort.

That’s why so many physical therapists recommend assisted stretch therapy. From reducing muscle soreness to alleviating aches, this all-natural therapy can help you overcome pain and achieve a healthier, happier state of being.

As assisted stretch therapy has gained popularity in the recent decade, many physical therapists have been concerned about the increased risk of injury by undertrained staff performing aggressive stretching that can create injuries instead of alleviate them.

At Sterling Physical Therapy and Wellness, we offer the most effective and safest stretch technique, known as “Facilitated Stretch Therapy”. Our certified stretch therapists have been extensively trained to understand the human anatomy and to perform proper techniques to maximize results in the optimal period of time.

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