New SPTW Policies for COVID-19


  • ALL patients must SANITIZE their hands at this station.
  • ALL patient will receive a temperature check with a Non-Contact Thermometer
  • ALL patients will be issued a surgical mask to put on prior to entering the office
  • ALL patients must answer our VERBAL Coronavirus Screen Questionnaire.
  • If the patient has a POSITIVE response on the screen, then we will NOT allow the patient to enter. (14 day Self-Quarantine)
  • PATIENTS ONLY will be allowed in the clinic.
  • FAMILY & FRIENDS will be asked to stay in the car or come back to pick up their loved one at the end of their session


  • Chairs have been removed to ensure that we have 6' between each lobby chair
  • RED LINE: A red tape marks the NO PASS line. It provides a 3' space from the tape to the front desk
  • Protective PLEXI-GLASS screens have been installed to protect our Patient Care Coordinators
  • The Credit Card processing machine and signin sheet have been moved to a seperate table to reduce exposure


  • Exercise equipment has been spaced 6' apart
  • Treatment tables have been spaced 6' apart
  • The number of patients are limited in the clinic area
  • Clinical staff must wear GLOVES when in contact with patients and change gloves between patients.
  • ALL equipment and treatment tables must be wiped down after each use.


  • All of our staff will wear N95 respirators at all times
  • Any staff that has coronavirus signs or has been around anyone with symptoms will be sent home to self quarantine.